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  Pooja details for Andrea: 1. Guruthan for Guruji Jayaraj, who read your palm Leaf and helped to clean your Birth Curses and Planetary Blocks. Guruthan means giving oney donation to the master to show the respect and gratitude for his service. 2.  Go to Lord !hiva s # $lements temple and do poojas in the temples . %he list of visiting temples is as follow. &$kam'areswarar %emple, (anchipuram, %amil )adu, *ndia. (Land) &+runachaleshwarar %emple, %hiruvannamalai, %amil )adu, *ndia (Fire) &%hiruvanaikaval temple, %richy, %amil )adu, *ndia (Water) &)atarajar %emple, Chidam'aram, %amil )adu, *ndia (Sky) &(alahasti %emple, !rikalahasti, +ndhra Pradesh, *ndia (Air)   3.  # ridays go to Goddess Lakshmi temple, do pooja with faith. *f you can-t go to temple. ou can download the picture of Goddess Lakshmi from the *nternet and do prayer 'y lighting a candle. /o the prayer continuously for # ridays without leaving 0 riday. Chant the following antras as directed. Goddess Lakshmi antra: 1 23m 4reem !hreem Lakshmi'hayo )amaha “ -- (Chant 1 time) 1 23m !hring !hriye )amaha2 23m 4ring (ling aha Lakshmiyai )amaha2 55 6Chant 0 times 7   1 83m +adhi5Lakshmi5ye )amaha 9 irst 3m aha Lakshmi5ye )amaha 5 3m /hana5Lakshmi5ye )amaha 5 :ealth 3m +ishwarya Lakshmi5ye )amaha 5 aterial 3m /haanya5Lakshmi5ye )amaha 5 grains 3m Gaja5Lakshmi5ye )amaha 5 3m !anthana5Lakshmi5ye )amaha 5 3m ;eera5Lakshmi5ye )amaha 5 3m /hairya Lakshmi5ye )amaha 5 3m ;idya5Lakshmi5ye )amaha 3m ;ijaya5Lakshmi5ye )amaha 3m Jaya Lakshmi5ye )amaha< 55 6Chant 0 times 7  1 23m !hree ahalakshmyai Cha ;idmahe, ;ishnu Patnyai Cha /heemahi , %anno Lakshmi Prachodayat 3m ” -- ( Chant = times7  !. n Shi#a tem$le do Ay%sh &mam Fire 'eremony for A#oidin aners and ha#in Life *+tension :    +yush 3mam 6Life $>tension Ceremony7 for you and remove Bad planetary effects. %his ?ituals will 'e done in *ndia 'y 4indu Pundits inside the temple. %he Pundit will do this ceremony for 0 hour . 4e will use the #@ /ry medicine items , # different ruits, # different food materials , pooja items like flower, coconut , lemon , sweet , lowers, camphor , ghee , rice and other pooja materials in the ire ceremony pooja. ou just ask a 4indu pundits in ?ishikesh to do this ?ituals for you in !hiva temple. oucan participate physically in the temple for this ?ituals . *f you wish us to arrange the ?ituals for you means we will do it for you. ou can participate through !kype for this ceremony . %he cost of this +yush 3mam is 0A,#AA *)?.  +fter the ceremony we will send you the Photo , ;ideo ?ecording of your 3mam ceremony and 4oly +sh Blessings , ?ed Bracelet package to you 'y courier . %his 3mam ?ituals will help you to clean your all past life (armic and sins which you did in your previous life , remove your 'ad situation in life and 'ring good positive life for you. %his ?ituals will help you to fulfill your this Birth Life task and duty . %his ?ituals willadd the positive spiritual energy for you. our financial pro'lem will remove and 'ring good financial luck for you. %he life threat dangers will 'e removed out of your life and have good life e>tension. editation Pra,ti,e : -  Practice the !urya kala 6Breath ?ight )ostril and release Left nostril7 and Chandra kala 6Breath Left )ostril and release ?ight )ostril7 editation techniue everyday 'etween morning DAA am to EDAA am for 00 minutes. /o meditation facing towards !un 6or7 +ltar in $ast direction on sitting in Padmasanam position 6editation Lotus position7. -  /o !piritual Chanting antra &/  for F times or 0 times or HE times or @ times or 0A times. -   &m 0amat Shi#aya/  9 6Chant # times daily 7
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