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ASTM Manual
  ASTM Host Simulator User Manual V5-6.doc/C. Mahlmann, LG-I, 14.02.20031 of 23 ASTM Host Interface Simulator User Manual Version 5.6 Supported Instruments: Elecsys 2010/1010,STA, STA-C, STA-R,LSM, PSM,CC Modular, Hybrid ModularCardiac Reader,Aliquoter VS II,Amplilink, Urisys 2400, AVL OMNI,OMNI-CASTM+  ASTM Host Simulator ToolOperators Manual 2 of 23 Contents: 1. PURPOSE OF THE ASTM HOST INTERFACE SIMULATOR32. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS33. INSTALLATION OF THE TOOL34. MAIN SCREEN OF THE TEST TOOL45. MAIN MENU SYSTEM65.1. Multifunctional text editor96. TECHNICAL DETAILS126.1. Record editor rules126.2. TCP/IP Communication127. DATA FLOW OF ASTM HOST INTERFACE SIMULATOR137.1. ASTM+137.2. Amplilink137.3. AVL OMNI147.4. Roche OMNI-C147.5. Cardiac Reader157.6. ELECSYS 2010167.7. ELECSYS 1010187.8. LSM197.9. Modular CC207.10. Modular Hybrid217.11. PSM227.12. STA, STA-C, STA-R227.13. UriSys 2400237.14. VS II23  ASTM Host Simulator ToolOperators Manual 3 of 23 1. Purpose of the ASTM Host Interface Simulator  The ASTM Host Interface Simulator   allows to simulate the host communication for all Roche analyzers that areequipped with an ASTM host protocol. The tool may simulate the analyzer or the host. It was developed with the programming language Visual Basic 6.0and requires a 32-bit operating system (Windows 95 or NT). The tool has instrument-independant features ... ã   low-level communication ã   trace recording ã   messages may be created with a record editor, saved as so-called record files (*.DAT) and sent to theconnected device ã   error simulation by sending wrong checksums ã   free timer settingand instrument specific features ... ã   the extracted info of received messages is stored in instrument-specific MS ACCESS databases ã   realtime request mode may be simulated with this database ã   the meaning of the record fields may be displayed in the lower part of the record editor 2.System Requirements Hardware: ã   IBM-compatible computer, capable of running Windows NT, 2000, XPSoftware: ã   32-bit Windows Operating System (NT, 2000, XP) 3. Installation of the Tool  The ASTM Host Interface Simulator   is to be installed on the hard disk by the SETUP.EXE routine. The SETUP routine creates a new directory and copies the program files and library files to the hard disk.Be sure that no other application is open during setup !  ASTM Host Simulator ToolOperators Manual 4 of 23 4. Main Screen of the Test Tool The Main Screen contains the following items (top down): ã   Title line (containing the selected instrument, the programs name and version)   ã   Pull-down menu system  (see chapter 2.1)   ã   Local Device setting (HOST or INST) and their names The ‘Operating Mode’ setting screen can be accessed by clicking on this field   ã   Symbolic indication  of the local device (blue frame)A click on the corresponding icon selects the local device   ã   actual Date and Time   ã   actual RS232-Parameter  setting The ‘RS232 Parameter’ setting screen can be accessed by clicking on this field   ã   Step-Mode status  (visible or invisible means enabled or disabled)   ã   Last Sent/Received messages if activated on the Mode of Operation screen an info line is appended to the list for each sent and receivedmessage. The list may be cleared with the ‚Clear List‘ button.   ã   actually opened Trace file name  The file selection mask for trace files can be accessed by clicking on this field   ã   Size of the actually opened trace file in bytes.
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