Chapter 11. User Support

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  user support    Issues  different types of support at different times  implementation and presentation both important  all need careful design   Types of user support  quick reference, task specific help, full explanation, tutorial   Provided by help and documentation  help - problem-oriented and specific  documentation - system-oriented and general  same design principles apply to both    Availability  continuous access concurrent to main application   Accuracy and completeness  help matches and covers actual system behaviour   Consistency  beteen different parts of the help system and paper documentation   !obustness  correct error handling and npredictable behaviour   lexibility  allos user to interact in a ay appropriate to experience and task   #nobtrusiveness  does not prevent the user continuing ith ork    Command assistance  #ser requests help on particular commande$g$, #%I& man, '() help  *ood for quick reference  Assumes user kno hat to look for   Command prompts  Provide information about correct usage hen an error occurs  *ood for simple syntactic errors  Also assumes knoledge of the command
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