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  arcane : Mysterious Speculate : Predict by chance forecast : predict weather or financial trendlandscape: Disctinctive features of a sphere of intelectual activities Embezzel: steal or misappropriate namely: That is to sayoutright: alltogether - completelymystify: make obscure and mysterious Business's bottom line : net income Bias : prejudice - preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experienceinvoice : a list of goods sent.subsequent : coming after something in time (maintenance services)saggassess: evaluate and estimate the value or the quality of ..to gauge : evaluate and estimate the amount of plummet : drop at high speed (price)One-time charge : gathering all the bad news in one quarter of company's financial results , so that the other future quarters look goodPlung : fall or move suddenly :plongeradd up : make sense throwing caution to the windssomething under your belt precarious : not securitly held payroll : list of a company's employees and the amount of money they are to be paid savvy : savantworth your while: worth the time or effort spent.no-brainer : involves no mental effort in the meantime : meanwhile :in the intervening period of time .marketplace : commercial arena (market place)incorporate : constitute / include as paart of a whole solely: seulementshenanigans: secret or dishonest activitychat : make a map of couurse : a way in which something progress and developp decipher : décoder succed understanding Endeavor : try hard to achievepursue : follow in order to attack or catch - Seek to attain a goal - proceed alongEmphasize : make more clearly defined throw up his hands in dismay (anxiety - distress)bear with : be patient and tolerant withindigestion : pain or discomfort in digesting food insight : a clear view and understanding of something POSTPONE THE DAY OF RECKONINGoverlook: fail to noticesubliminal : affecting someone's brain without him being aware forefront(leading position) of your thinkinggrow accostumed tocome in handyhard and fast answers milestone :a significant stage in the development of a productpetition : make or present a formal request to The art of accounting and finance is the art of using limited data to come as close as possible to an accurate description of how well a company is performingrevenue or sales (recognition) : refers to the value of what the company sold to   its customers during a given period .Operating expenses are the costs required to keep the company going from day to daythey include salaries,benefits,and insurance costs, among a host of other itemsthey are substracted from revenue to determine profit .Capital expenditure is the purchase of an item that's considered a long term investment such as equipment .Closing the books at the end of each month The balance sheet reflects the assets, liabilities and owner's equity at a point in time Guidelines:GAAP: Generaly Accepted Accounting principlesotherwise , you're comparing pears to peachessomething on the up and up : legitimate, honest perpetrators : who commit illegal activityThe Matching principle : the costs in the income statement are associated with their revenues in order to determine profit.Profit = Surplus/DeficitEPS = Earnings Per Share = Net profit / number of sharesnot yet recognized sales = backlog or bookingliability : amount that a company owes to somebody elseCOGS : measure of all the costs directly associated with the making of a product or delivering a sevicethe line = gross profit Charges above the line are short term Operating expenses = SG&A = expenses that are not directly related to making the product or delivering a service. (bad=unnecessary bureaucracy)depreciation :the expensing of a physical asset over its estimated useful lifein the latter : second of allwrite-off : something uselessincidentally : by the wayentail: involve  severance : ending a relationship/dismissal(remove from employment)layoff : temporary or permanent discharge of a worker operating profit : EBIT/ PROFIT MADE FROM RUNNING THE BUSINESScontribution margin : revenue - variable costs ( shows how much we should produce to cover fixed costs)(pricing/add or subtract production line)-Fixed costs = operating profit -taxes/interest=net profit Exchange rate : is the price of one currancy expressed in terms of another one fluctuation :rise and fall irregularly -> affect profitability of ccompanies doing business in othr countriesveteran : someone with long time experience in a particular field Balance sheet : is a statement of what the business owns and it owes at a particular point in time the difference is equity ascertain: find out for certainaccount receivables : the amount that customers owe to te companyintangibes: anything valuable but you can't touch or spend : skills customer's list strategic stregthPatent : bara2at ikhtira3breakneck speedcanvasend up in hot water found in a pickle withdraw : take away or removemortgage-backed securities - prime loanscash is the reality check :warren buffetpreceptsprospect owner earnings : measure of the company's ability to generate cash over a period of timethe cash was in the mailcreate mischiefwell-to-do touristall companies need both profit and cash to ensure a healthy businessreconcile : restore friendly relationship between As somenones puts it , Eyeballing somethingCash Flow Statement construction :NEt Profit (Income Statement)+asset decreases (difference between 2 Balance Sheets)-asset increases +liabality increases  -liability decreases take on : to begin to perform harvest = 7asad (seeds)but for whatever reason that  s not always the case.don  t feel back about itIt  s loud, but you can make out what people are saying.t  s time for me to hit the sack, I  m so tired.Oh all right, you  ve twisted my arm, I  ll come! =you conviced me things are still up in the air = unsure or unofficial Stab someone in the back = betray someone close Lose your touch = lose ability or skillsit tight =wait patiently and don't take action until you haer otherwisepitch in = join in activityto go cold turkey means to suddenly quit or stop addictive such as smokingface the music = face the reality keep your chin up =stay strongamped = super excited take something seriously everyone had a blast = fun and exciting timewho dumped whoa looker = good looking personit  s sick! = great
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