Impact of WASH interventions during disease outbreaks in humanitarian emergencies: A systematic review protocol | Sanitation | Hygiene

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The purpose of this document is to clearly describe the proposed research questions and methodology for a systematic review on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) interventions in disease outbreaks. The systematic review has a singular overarching objective in assessing the impact of emergency hygiene interventions. The primary research question will be answered through four secondary objectives that further evaluate: a) use of service and disease reduction
  Humanitarian Evidence Programme Impact of WASH i nterventions during d isease o utbreaks in h umanitarian e mergencies: A systematic review protocol  Impact of WASH Interventions during Disease Outbreaks in Humanitarian Emergencies: A systematic review protocol 2   Authors Travis Yates, Tufts University Jelena Vijcic, Independent Research Scientist Dr Myriam Leandre Joseph, Physician/Consultant Dr Daniele Lantagne, Assistant Professor, Tufts University. Contact   Dr Daniele Lantagne, Tufts University, Medford, MA:  Funding This is a report commissioned by the Humanitarian Evidence Programme, a partnership between Oxfam and Feinstein International Center at Tufts University, and funded by the Department for International Development. This material has been funded by UK aid from the UK Government, however, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the UK Government’s o fficial policies. Picture  A s part of Oxfam’s cholera response in Juba, teams of public health volunteers have been teaching affected communities about the importance of keeping themselves and their environment clean. May 2014. Kieran Doherty/Oxfam.  © Copyright  Authors of the systematic review protocols on the Oxfam GB website ( publications) hold the copyright for the text of their protocols. Oxfam GB owns the copyright for all material on the website it has developed, including the contents of the databases, manuals, and keywording. Oxfam and authors give permission for users of the site to display and print the contents of the site for their own non-commercial use, providing that the materials are not modified, copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the materials are retained, and the source of the material is cited clearly. Otherwise users are not permitted to duplicate, reproduce, re-publish, distribute, or store material from this website without express written permission.  Impact of WASH Interventions during Disease Outbreaks in Humanitarian Emergencies: A systematic review protocol 3   CONTENTS ACRONYMS 5   1   BACKGROUND 6   1.1   Description of the problem 6   1.2   Why it is important to do this review 8   1.3   Description of the interventions 8   1.4   How the intervention might work 12   1.5   Context, heterogeneity, and mixed methods 21   2   OBJECTIVE OF THE REVIEW 22   3   SELECTION OF MANUSCRIPTS 23   3.1   Criteria for including studies in the review [PICOS] 23   3.1.1   Populations 23   3.1.2   Interventions 25   3.1.3   Comparisons 25   3.1.4   Outcomes 25   3.1.5   Study types 26   3.2   Search methods for identification of studies 27   3.3   Selection of studies 28   4   DATA EXTRACTION AND PROCESSING 31   4.1   Coding 31   4.2   Quality appraisal 32   4.2.1   Quantitative appraisal 32   4.2.2   Qualitative appraisal 33   4.2.3   Economic appraisal 34   4.3   Measures of treatment effect 34   4.4 Missing data 34   4.5   Unit of analysis issues 35   4.6   Heterogeneity assessment 35   4.7   Subgroup analysis 35   4.8   Method of synthesis 35   4.9   Sensitivity analysis 36   4.10   Dependency of studies 37   4.11   Summary of findings 37   5   ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 38   6   REFERENCES 39    Impact of WASH Interventions during Disease Outbreaks in Humanitarian Emergencies: A systematic review protocol 4   7   REVIEW TEAM 42   8   DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST 43   9   ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 44   10   PRELIMINARY TIMEFRAME 45   11   PLANS FOR UPDATING THE REVIEW 46   APPENDIX A: DATA COLLECTION VARIABLES 47   APPENDIX B: ANTICIPATED COMPARISONS 53   APPENDIX C: KEYWORDS 54   APPENDIX D: LIST OF WEBSITES AND ORGANIZATIONS FOR ELECTRONIC SEARCHES 55   APPENDIX E: SCREENING CHECKLISTS 57   E1:   Systematic review screening checklist 57   E2:   Experimental screening checklist 57   E3:   Quasi-experimental screening checklist 57   E4:   Non-experimental screening checklist 58   E5:   Qualitative screening checklist 58   E6:   Economic screening checklist 58   APPENDIX F: QUALITY APPRAISAL CHECKLISTS 59   F1:   Quantitative appraisal 59   F1.2   Spillovers and contamination 62   F1.3   Incomplete Outcome Data 62   F1.4   Selective Reporting 63   F1.5   Other Bias 64   F2:   Qualitative appraisal 65   F3:   Economic appraisal 66  
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