Rethinking India's Climate Policy and the Global Negotiations | Kyoto Protocol | United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change

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  i   RETHINKING INDIA’S CLIMATE POLICY AND THE GLOBAL NEGOTIATIONS    ii   Author:  D. Raghunandan Raghunandan  volunteers with the Delhi Science Forum (DSF), a non-profit organization working in areas of interface between science & technology and society, and focusing on studies, awareness generation and advocacy on S&T policy issues. DSF is a founder-constituent of the All India Peoples Science Network, of which he is currently President. In DSF, Raghunandan contributes to research and campaigns in the areas of Environment, Climate Change & Water Resources, Aerospace, and Disarmament & Strategic Affairs. He currently leads the AIPSN campaign on Climate Change, conducts research and modeling exercises, and has published extensively in India and abroad with focus on India’s climate policy and international negotiations. Raghunandan works professionally as head of the Centre for Technology & Development, New Delhi, a non-profit action research organization engaged in development and dissemination of technologies and systems for pro-poor rural enterprises and livelihoods. His academic background is in Mechanical Engineering with subsequent research qualifications and experience in Sociology.© Oxfam India August 2013This publication is copyright but the text may be used free of charge for the purposes of advocacy, campaigning, education, and research, provided that the source is acknowledged in full. The copyright holder requests that all such use be registered with them for impact assessment purposes. For copying in any other circumstances, permission must be secured. E-mail: by Oxfam India: 2nd Floor, 1 Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025, India.Oxfam IndiaOxfam India, a fully independent Indian organization, is a member of an international confederation of 17 organisations. The Oxfams are rights-based organizations, which fight poverty and injustice by linking grassroots interventions, to local, national, and global polic developments.For further information please write to:, or visit our website:  iii Summary 1Introduction 21. Climate Crisis and Science: Status and Prognosis 92. Global Negotiations 123. India’s Position in UNFCCC Negotiations 154. The Indian Imperative and Climate Policy Discordance 205. Contours of a Reconfigured Indian Climate Policy 23Notes 28  iv
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