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Patton and Thibodeau: Anatomy & Physiology, 7th Edition Chapter 1: Organization of the Body Test Bank TRUE/FALSE 1. A scientific theory is a fact. ANS: F DIF: Application REF: Page 4 TOP: Science and Society 2. A theory that is supported by repeated observation and experimentation is called a hypothesis. ANS: F DIF: Memorization REF: Page 4 TOP: Science and Society 3. A theory may
  Patton and Thibodeau: Anatomy & Physiology, 7 th  Edition Chapter 1: Organization of the ody Test an! T #E$%A'E 1.A scientific theory is a fact.ANS:FDIF:ApplicationREF:Page 4TOP:Science an Society!.A theory that is s pporte #y repeate o#ser$ation an e%peri&entation is calle a hypothesis.ANS:FDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 4TOP:Science an Society).A theory &ay e$ent ally #eco&e a la*.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 4TOP:Science an Society4.In h &ans+ all respiration occ rs in the l ngs.ANS:FDIF:ApplicationREF:Page ,TOP:-haracteristics of ife/.  Anatomy  is the st y of the f nctions of an organis& an its parts+ as oppose to the st y of its str ct re.ANS:FDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page /TOP:Anato&y,.-on cti$ity an responsi$eness are highly e$elope in #oth & scle an ner$e cells in li$ing organis&s.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page ,TOP:-haracteristics of ife0.The &o$e&ent of igeste n trients thro gh the *all of the igesti$e t #e into the #oy fl is an to cells for se is calle absorption . ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page ,TOP:-haracteristics of ife.  Biology  is the st y of life. 'os#y ite&s an eri$e ite&s 2 !313+ !330+ !33) #y 'os#y+ Inc.+ an affiliate of Else$ier Inc.  F ll file at http:test#an5cart.e Test67an56for6Anato&y6an6Physiology60th6Eition6#y6PattonANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page /TOP:Anato&y8.-ell speciali(ation is a necessary characteristic in orer for the h &an #oy to f nction asit oes.ANS:TDIF:SynthesisREF:Page TOP:-ell lar e$el13. Complementarity of structure  &eans the f nction of a part &ay or &ay not #e relate to its str ct re.ANS:FDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 10TOP:Interaction of Str ct re an F nction11.7loo pro ction is a f nction of the integ &entary syste&.ANS:FDIF:ApplicationREF:Page 8 9Ta#le 16!TOP:7oy Syste&s1!.The ;olgi apparat s+ enoplas&ic retic l &+ an &itochonria are e%a&ples of organelles.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page TOP:Organelle e$el1).An eno&orph s ally has a & sc lar physi< e.ANS:FDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 1TOP:7oy Type an Disease14.-ertain patterns of #oy fat istri# tion in eno&orphs are associate *ith greater ris5 for heart isease.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 1TOP:7oy Type an Disease1/.-ertain patterns of #oy fat istri# tion in eno&orphs are associate *ith the e$elop&ent of ia#etes.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 1TOP:7oy Type an Disease1,.=hen in anato&ical position+ the person is staning erect *ith ar&s at the sies an  pal&s orsal. 'os#y ite&s an eri$e ite&s 2 !313+ !330+ !33) #y 'os#y+ Inc.+ an affiliate of Else$ier Inc.  F ll file at http:test#an5cart.e Test67an56for6Anato&y6an6Physiology60th6Eition6#y6PattonANS:FDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 13TOP:Anato&ical Position10.  Ipsilateral   si&ply &eans on the sa&e sie.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 13TOP:Anato&ical Position1.7ilateral sy&&etry is characteristic of e%ternal #oy organi(ation+ # t not necessarily of internal organi(ation.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 13TOP:Anato&ical Position18.The frontal plane i$ies the #oy into right an left sies.ANS:FDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 1,TOP:7oy Planes an Sections!3. Visceral peritoneum  refers to the &e&#rane that co$ers the organs *ithin the a#o&inal ca$ity.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 11TOP:7oy -a$ities!1.The a#o&inal ca$ity is separate fro& the pel$ic ca$ity #y a fi#ro s connecti$e tiss e &e&#rane.ANS:FDIF:ApplicationREF:Page 11TOP:7oy -a$ities!!.The orsal ca$ity consists of the cranial an spinal ca$ities.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 11TOP:7oy -a$ities!).The $entral ca$ity consists of the thoracic an a#o&inal ca$ities.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 13TOP:7oy -a$ities!4.The hea+ nec5+ ar&s+ an legs &a5e p the a%ial s5eleton.ANS:FDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 1)TOP:7oy Regions!/.The hea can #e s #i$ie into cranial an facial ca$ities. 'os#y ite&s an eri$e ite&s 2 !313+ !330+ !33) #y 'os#y+ Inc.+ an affiliate of Else$ier Inc.  F ll file at http:test#an5cart.e Test67an56for6Anato&y6an6Physiology60th6Eition6#y6PattonANS:FDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 13 > Page 11TOP:7oy -a$ities!,.The ter& crural   refers to the hip.ANS:FDIF:ApplicationREF:Page 1) 9Ta#le 164TOP:7oy Regions!0.The &#ilic s is the crossing point for the hori(ontal an $ertical lines i$iing the a#o&en into < arants.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 14TOP:?&#ilic s!.The #one of the pper ar& is eep to the & scles that s rro n an co$er it.ANS:TDIF:ApplicationREF:Page 1/TOP:Directional Ter&s!8.The 5ineys are &eial an anterior to the $erte#rae.ANS:FDIF:ApplicationREF:Page 1/TOP:Directional Ter&s)3.The eyes+ ears+ an ar&s all sho* #ilateral sy&&etry of the #oy.ANS:TDIF:ApplicationREF:Page 13TOP:Anato&ical Position)1.The st y of i&& nology in$estigates the &o$e&ent of the #loo.ANS:FDIF:ApplicationREF:Page 8 9Ta#le 16!TOP:Transportation an Defense)!.In a f nctional ho&eostatic syste&+ an increase of #loo gl cose *ill elicit physiological reactions that *ill ecrease #loo gl cose.ANS:TDIF:ApplicationREF:Page 18TOP:@o&eostasis)).The ly&phatic syste& plays an i&portant role in i&& nity.ANS:TDIF:'e&ori(ationREF:Page 8 9Ta#le 16!TOP:7oy Syste&s 'os#y ite&s an eri$e ite&s 2 !313+ !330+ !33) #y 'os#y+ Inc.+ an affiliate of Else$ier Inc.
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