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Final test - B1 Name: _____________________________ Group:___________ Teacher:_______________ Date:________ Grade:__________ A. Complete the sentences with the correct words from the box. There is one extra word. cleans – does – goes – make – plays – take – works 1. I _________ an English class in the evening. It’s fun, and I learn a lot! 2. My best friend _________ sports after class. She loves soccer. 3. My parents only _________ phone calls at night and on the weekends. 4. My brother _______
    Name:  _____________________________ Group:  ___________   Teacher:_______________ Date:________ Grade:__________  A. Complete the sentences with the correct words from the box. There is one extra word. 1. I _________ an English class in the evening. It’s fun, and I learn a lot! 2. My best friend _________ sports after class. She loves soccer. 3. My parents only _________ phone calls at night and on the weekends. 4. My brother _________ shopping every day. 5. My mom _________ the laundry on weekends. 6. My dad _________ the house on weekends.  A _______ /6 points (1 point each) B. Read the questions and answers. Add more information to each answer. Choose one of the sentences in the box. Use each sentence only once. There is one extra sentence. 1.  A Do you go to bed early on weekdays? B No, I don’t. _________________________________________________________________ 2.  A Do you study English every day? B Yes, I do. __________________________________________________________________ 3.  A Do you read the newspaper every day? B No, I don’t. _________________________________________________________________ 4.  A Do you exercise after class? B Yes, I do. __________________________________________________________________ B _______ /8 points (2 points each) C. Complete the questions and answers. Use do  / does  and the verbs in the box. Use capital letters where necessary. Example:  A Do you watch TV in the evening?   B Yes, I do. I watch TV every night. 1.  A  _________ your brother  _________ after school? B   Yes, he  _________ .He  _________ for his English class at the library. 2.  A  _________ your sister  _________ soccer after school? B   No, she  _________ .She  _________ soccer on the weekends. 3.  A  _________ your co-workers  _________ their email on the weekends? B   No, they  _________ .But they  _________ their email all the time on weekdays. Final test - B1   - I get up early on weekends. - I go to bed late every day. - I go to the gym in the afternoon. - I study about 10 hours a week. - I read the news on the Internet or on my cell phone.   check have live play study watch   cleans – does – goes – make – plays – take – works      4.  A  _________  your father  _________ coffee in the morning? B   Yes, he  _________ .He  _________ coffee before work. 5.  A  _________ your parents  _________ around here? B   No, they  _________ .They  _________   about 20 miles away. C______ /20 points (1 point each) D. Read the email. Then circle the correct answers. 1. Ray is ______________. 3. Ray works ______________. a. sick a. two nights b. busy b. before class c. quiet c. on Tuesdays 2. Ray takes law classes __________. 4. Ray goes out with his friends __________. a. two hours a day a. on Wednesdays b. two days a week b. on the weekends c. after English classes c. after school D______ /8 points (2 points each) E. Write the questions. Use the simple present and the words in parentheses. Use capital letters where necessary. 1. (how often / you / go on the Internet)  A  _________________________________________________________________? B   Every day. 2. (where / your best friends / go / on the weekends)  A    _________________________________________________________________? B   To a club or the movies. 3. (what / your brother / do / in his free time)  A    _________________________________________________________________? B   He reads a lot. 4.(who / your parents / go out with)  A    _________________________________________________________________? B   With their friends. E______ /8 points (2 points each)    F. Read the sentences. Circle the correct words. 1. I don’t like TV.  I always / often / never watch TV. 2. My brother eats out every night.  He always / often / sometimes goes to a restaurant for dinner. 3. My parents go to the movies three times a month. They always / sometimes / never go to the movies. 4. My sister goes to a club about once a year  . She usually / sometimes / hardly ever goes to clubs. 5. I like to make different things for dinner  . I hardly ever / usually / never cook at home in the evenings.   F ______ /10 points (2 points each) G. Complete each conversation. Add a second question from the box. Use each question only once. There is one extra question. 1.  A So, what do you do on Saturday nights?________________________________ B No, not very often. They’re very noisy, and I don’t usually like the music there. 2.  A So, how often do you go out with friends? ______________________________ B Well, no, not really. I see my best friends once or twice a month. 3.  A Do you relax after class? ___________________________________________ B No, not really. I’m pretty busy. I go straight to work. 4.  A Do you work in the evenings? _______________________________________ B Yes, I do. I work in the school library twice a week. G_______ /8 points (2 points each) H. Complete the sentences. Write There’s or There are. 1. __________ no fast-food restaurants in my neighborhood. 2. __________ a big park near my house. 3. __________ no swimming pool in the park. 4. __________ a couple of outdoor cafés around here. H_______ /4 points (1 point each) I. Complete the conversation. Write Me too or Me neither. Jessica   I just love Chicago. Marisa  ______________ . It’s so exciting.   Jessica   Right! There’s a lot to do. Marisa   Yeah. There are great theaters and restaurants. And I like the neighborhoods. Jessica  ______________ . They’re so interesting. But it’s an expensive city.   Marisa   I know. Big cities are always expensive. Jessica   Yeah, and they’re noisy, too. I don’t usually like big cities. Marisa  ______________ . And I don’t usually like noisy places.   Jessica  ______________ . But Chicago is a fun city for a vacation!   I_______ /8 points (2 points each) - Do you ever go to clubs? - I mean, do you have a part-time job? - I mean, do you have any free time after school? - Where do you go? - I mean, do you spend a lot of time with your friends? 1 2 3 4    J.  Read the article. Then circle the correct answers. 1. An average American watches TV __________________ hours a day. a. five b. six c. seven 2. When do Americans usually watch TV? a. In the morning b. In the afternoon c. In the evening 3. The article says that some people __________________ during their favorite TV shows. a. don’t go on the Internet b. don’t talk with family c. don’t go to work 4. The article says some people write about their favorite shows __________________ . a. at school b. on social networking sites c. at work J _______ /8 points (2 points each) K. Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Then write the time in words. Example:    A (the local supermarket / what time / does / close)  A What time does the local supermarket close? B 4:15. B  A quarter after four OR Four-fifteen. 1.  A   (you / what time / do / leave home / in the morning)  A    _______________________________________________________? B   7:45. B    _______________________________________________________. 2.  A   (what time / start / does / your favorite TV show)  A    _______________________________________________________? B   9:30. B    _______________________________________________________. 3.  A   (museums / do / what time / open / on the weekends)  A    _______________________________________________________? B   10:00. B    _______________________________________________________.   K ______ /12 points (2 points each)
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