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Final test – B2 Name: _____________________________ Group:___________ Teacher:_______________ Date:________ Grade:__________ A. Complete the paragraph. Use the simple past and the words in parentheses. Use contractions where possible. Liz ______________ (not enjoy) her evening last night. She ______________ (want) to go to an outdoor concert, but it 1 _____________ (rain), so she just ______________ (stay) home. 3 2 4 She ______________ (study) for a couple of hours. Then she ______________
    Name:  _____________________________ Group:  ___________   Teacher:_______________ Date:________ Grade:__________  A.  Complete the paragraph. Use the simple past and the words in parentheses. Use contractions where possible. Liz ______________ (not enjoy) her evening last night. She ______________ (want) to go to an outdoor concert, but it  _____________ (rain), so she just ______________ (stay) home. She ______________ (study) for a couple of hours. Then she ______________ (watch) a movie on TV, but she______________ (not like) it much.  A______ /14 points (2 points each) B.  Complete the questions and answers. Use the simple past forms of the verbs in the box. Use capital letters where necessary. Example:  A Did  you make  a lot of phone calls this weekend?   B  Yes, I did . I made  about eight or nine calls. 1.  A  _________ you  _________ a piano lesson yesterday? B   No, I  _________ , but I  _________ a karate lesson. 2.  A  _________ your best friend  _________ to the party with you? B   No, he  _________ .He  _________ with his girlfriend. 3.  A  _________ you and your sister  _________ a present for your mother? B   Yes, we  _________ .We  _________ a beautiful scarf. 4.  A  _________ you  _________ your report last night? B   Yes, I  _________ .I  _________ it after dinner. B _______ /16 points (1 point each) C.  Write responses to these comments. Use the expressions in the box. Use each expression only once. There is one extra expression. 1.  A   I worked late every night last week, and I have to work late tonight, too. B  _____________________________________   2.  A   I have a tennis match tomorrow morning. B    _____________________________________   3.  A   My girlfriend passed her scuba-diving test, so I’m cooking dinner for her. B    _____________________________________   4.  A   I won a trip to Hawaii! B    _____________________________________    C _______ /4 points (1 point each)   buy go have make write Final test – B2   Congratulations! - Good for you! - Good luck! - Happy birthday! - I’m sorry to hear that!   1 2 3 4 5 7 6    D.  Read Rick’s three emails to Emma. Then circle the five true statements. a . Emma sent Rick an email first. f  . Rick went to the movies. b . Emma wanted to go to the movies. g . Rick’s mother watched a movie at home. c . Rick didn’t want to go to the movies. h . Rick relaxed at home with Emma. d . Rick called Emma on her cell phone. i . Rick did his homework. e . Rick had Emma’s new cell phone number.  j . Emma didn’t call Rick. D______ /10 points (2 points each)   E.  Complete the paragraph. Use was,   wasn’t,   were or weren’t . I remember my first swimming lesson. I _________ very old – only five – and I _________ very scared. I didn’t want to go in the water! I think the other kids_________ nervous, too.But the teacher, Ms. Peterson, _________ very nice. We loved her, but the swimming didn’t go very well. We ______ very good at first, but Ms. Peterson  _________ a wonderful teacher. E ______ /12 points (2 points each)   F.  Write the questions for the answers. Example:    A: How was your vacation ? B: My vacation? It was fun! 1.  A    _______________________________________________________? B   We went to San Francisco. 2.  A    _______________________________________________________? B   I went with my family. 1 2 3 4 5 6    3.  A    _______________________________________________________? B   It was rainy, but warm. 4.  A    _______________________________________________________? B   We were there for a week. 5.  A    _______________________________________________________? B   We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown – all the sights! F______ /10 points (2 points each) G.  Complete the sentences. Use each expression in the box only once. There is one extra expression.  A:  I ______________ a play last weekend. After the show, I met the lead actor and ___________ . B: Yesterday, I ______________ with my friends. It was great, but it was really hot and sunny. I ______________ . C: I ______________ across the U.S. with my brother. It was awful. We both ______________ ! We had to stop and stay in bed for three days! G_______ /6 points (1 point each) H.  Read the story. Then write short answers to the questions. 1. When does Tina teach English? _______________________________________________. 2. Where did Tina put her shoes on Friday? ________________________________________. 3. After class, how many pairs of shoes were in the box? ______________________________. 4. Where did she find her shoes on Monday? _______________________________________. H _______ /8 points (2 points each) got a bad sunburn got his autograph went on a road trip got a new camera got sick went hiking went to see 1 2 3 4 5 6    I.  Complete the questions and answers. Use the following words, some words or expressions are used twice: 1.  A How _________ fruit do you eat a day? B Well, I have _________ banana every day for lunch. I don’t eat a big lunch. 2.  A How _________ times a week do your parents eat meat? B They eat meat every day. They eat _________ meat. 3.  A Does your brother eat _________ eggs? B No, he doesn’t. He probably eats _________ egg about once a month. I _______ /6 points (1 point each) J  Complete the conversations. Use some   or any .   1.  A   Would you like to get _________ coffee after class? B   Sure. Let’s get _________ and sit outside. It’s so sunny. 2.  A   Do you have _________ snacks? I’m starving. B   No, but I have _________ fruit. You can have that. 3.  A   It’s so hot. Do you want to come to our house? We have _________ ice cream. B   Sure. Do you have _________ chocolate ice cream? It’s my favorite!   J _______ /6 points (1 point each) K Complete the conversation with or something and or    anything .  A :   I’m tired. Let’s take a break. B : That’s a good idea. Actually, I’d like some coffee _______________ like that.    A : Me too. Actually, it’s almost noon. Would you like to go out for lunch? B : No, thanks, I’m not really hungry. I don’t want a big meal ______________ .   A : So you don’t want a snack ______________ ?  B : I don’t know. No, not really.  A : Well, then let’s go to a coffee shop. You can have coffee, and I can get a sandwich __________.  B : That sounds good. K _______ /8 points (2 points each) a / an / a lot of / many / much  
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