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Final test – I1 Name: _____________________________ Group:___________ Teacher:_______________ Date:________ Grade:__________ A. Complete the conversation with be (not) going to. Use contractions where possible. Rick How ______________ you and Marcia ______________ celebrate New Year’s Eve, Tim? 1 ______________you______________ go to any parties? 2 Tim No. We ________________ go out for dinner. Our favorite restaurant ________________serve a 3 special meal and our friends__________________
    Name:  _____________________________ Group:  ___________   Teacher:_______________ Date:________ Grade:__________  A. Complete the conversation with be (not) going to . Use contractions where possible. Rick   How ______________ you and Marcia ______________ celebrate New Year’s Eve, Tim?  ______________you______________ go to any parties? Tim   No. We ________________ go out for dinner. Our favorite restaurant ________________serve a special meal and our friends__________________ join us there. But we ______________ stay out late. We have to get up early to go to a friend’s house the next day.  A _______ /6 points (1 point each) B. Write the answers. Use indirect object pronouns and the words in parentheses. Ex.:  A: What are you going to give your Dad for his birthday? B:  I’m going to give him a watch. (give / watch). 1 .  A: What are you going to get your parents for their anniversary? B:  _______________________________________________________(get / tickets for a trip) 2 .  A: What are your grandparents going to give you and your sister on your birthdays? B:  _______________________________________________________ (give / books) 3 .  A: What’s your sister going to do for your birthday? B:  _______________________________________________________ (bake / a cake)   B _______ /6 points (2 points each) C. What do you think the “vague” expressions mean? Circle two ideas for each. 1 . Jenna loves to go to cultural events and stuff like that. a . concerts b. festivals c . restaurants 2 . It’s going to be a big wedding. There’s going to be a band and everything. a . lots of music b . a lot of guests c . sports 3 . Do you like parties and things like that ? a . folk songs b . celebrations c . special events 4 . Anna’s going to get lots of presents and stuff at her birthday party. a . flowers b . cards c . costumes 5 . There’s going to be a lot of things to do at the party, like dancing and stuff. a . playing games b . going to restaurants c . eating 6 . I’m going to buy lots of pizza and things like that for my birthday party. a . potato chips b . presents c . cupcakes   C _______ /12 points (2 points each) Final test – I1   1 2 3 4 5 6    D. Match the sentences with the corrections. Use each sentence only once. There is one extra answer. D _______ /10 points (1 point each) E. Read the email message. Circle True  or False  for each sentence. 1 .Mike and Barbara are going to Quebec City for two weeks. True   False 2 .You can go skiing during the Quebec Winter Carnival. True   False   3 .Barbara wants to go shopping in Quebec City. True   False   4 .Karen can stay in Barbara’s hotel room. True   False   E _______ /8 points (2 points each) F. Read each sentence. Circle the correct determiner. 1. Some / Some of my friends take evening classes. 2. There are a lot / a lot of new students in our school this year. 3. Most / Most of high school students have to study a language. 4. Only a few / a few of high school students study calculus. 5. Bob has three brothers and sisters.  All / All of them are going to college. F _______ /5 points (1 point each) 1. I met my best friend in first grade. ___ 2. My favorite class in school was social studies.__ 3. I had violin lessons until I was 11. ___ 4. I didn’t like of my school teachers. ___ 5. I took dance classes for six years. ___ a. No, wait. It was biology. b. Well, it was actually yesterday. c. Uh, no, wait. It was five years ago. d. No, actually, I was 12. e. I mean, third grade. f. Well, my math teacher was OK.    G. Complete the conversation with the verbs in parentheses.  Amy :    ______________ you ______________ (be born) in France, Pierre? Pierre :   No, actually, I ______________ (be born) in Montreal.  Amy :    ______________ you ______________ (grow up) there, too? Pierre :   Yes, but when I was 15, we moved to New York. ____________you ___________ (know) that I lived there when I was younger?  Amy :   Oh, really? I had no idea. How long ____________ you _____________(stay) in New York? Pierre :   Until I was 18. How about you? Where ______________ you ______________(spend) your childhood? G_______ /6 points (1 point each) H. Complete the conversations with the words in the box. Use each word only once. There is one extra word. 1.  A Did you move here in 2001? B No. We came here three years __________ . 2.  A Were you in Japan __________ many years? B No, we didn’t live there long .Only a year and a half. 3.  A We lived in London from1995 __________ 2000. B Where did you go after London? Another country? 4.  A So you came here __________ you were six, right? B No, we lived in Hong Kong __________ I was eight. H _______ /5 points (1 point each) I. Circle the correct words to complete the conversation.  A   Excuse me. Is / Are  there an / any electronics store around here? B   Let me think . . . there’s one / some on Front Street – Mack’s Electronics.  A   Can I park there? I mean, is / are there a / an  parking lot near there? B    Actually, there isn’t one / any  near there. But you can park on the street.  A  Oh, OK. Is /  Are  there a / any parking meters there? B   Yes, you have to pay 75 cents an hour to park.   I _______ /8 points (1 point each) ago for then to until when 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8    J. Katy Gutierrez is looking for a job as a teacher, so she created this website. Read her website. Then write answers to the questions. 1. Where does Katy want to teach?  ____________________________________________________ 2. Where did Katy live when she finished high school?  ____________________________________________________ 3. What were Katy’s favorite subjects in school?  _____________________________________________________ 4. How long did Katy teach Spanish?  ______________________________________________________ J ______ /8 points (2 points each) K. Write the words in the correct order to make questions. Is each question an offer or a request? Circle the correct answers. 1. (help / you / could / me)  _______________________________________________________ ? Offer Request  2. (can / I / how / help)  _______________________________________________________ ? Offer Request  3. (recommend / good / you / can / hotel / a)  _______________________________________________________ ? Offer Request  4. (airport / to / give / directions / me / can / you / the)  _______________________________________________________ ? Offer Request  5. (do / I / can / what)  _______________________________________________________ ? Offer Request K ______ /10 points (2 points each)
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