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Final test – pA2 Name: _____________________________ Group:___________ Teacher:_______________ Date:________ Grade:__________ A. Complete the conversation. Use the present perfect or the present perfect continuous. Sometimes both are possible. Use contractions where possible. Kate: What _____________ you ______________ (do) lately, Jon? I ______________ (not see) you in ages! 1 2 Jon: Yeah, I ______________ (travel) a lot lately. It’s part of my job, you know. 3 Kate: Oh, yeah. That’s right.
    Name:  _____________________________ Group:  ___________   Teacher:_______________ Date:________ Grade:__________  A. Complete the conversation. Use the present perfect or the present perfect continuous. Sometimes both are possible. Use contractions where possible. Kate : What _____________ you ______________ (do) lately, Jon? I ______________ (not see) you in ages! Jon : Yeah, I ______________ (travel) a lot lately. It’s part of my job, you know. Kate : Oh, yeah. That’s right. So where ______________ you ______________ (go)? Jon :  All over the place. I ______________ (be) to three different cities on business in the last week. I like to travel, but that’s ridiculous! Anyway, what ______________ you ______________ (be) up to, Kate? Kate : Oh, I ______________ (be) really busy, too. For one thing, my cousins ______________ (visit) us. They arrived yesterday. Oh! And I ______________ (take) an acting class since September. Jon : No kidding! How______________ it ______________ (go)? Kate : Not bad. I _____________ (not be) in a play yet. But I really_____________ (not study) for very long.  A _______ /12 points (1 point each) B.  Match the comments with the most appropriate movie word. There is one extra movie word. 1 . “I loved the dancing. The singing was really great, too.” _____ a . subtitled 2 . “The aliens were really strange looking.” _____ b . thriller 3 . “It was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing.” _____ c . science fiction 4 . “It had such a sad ending. I wanted to cry.” _____ d . horror 5 . “It’s a Chinese film. I saw it at the foreign film festival.” _____ e . musical 6 . “My wife and I loved it. It was very romantic.” _____ f  . tearjerker 7 . “Very exciting. I kept wondering what would happen.” _____ g . animated 8 . “There was this ugly monster in it. It really scared me.” _____ h . love story i . comedy B _______ /8 points (1 point each) C.  Circle the correct words to complete the conversation.  A   It’s so good to see you. We haven’t spent time together for / since last summer! B   Yeah. And I haven’t been to the movies in  / since months. So what do you want to see?  A   I don’t know. I’ve already  / still   seen a lot of stuff. . . . B   Well, have you seen It’s a Funny World still  / yet ?  A   No! I already  / still haven’t seen it. And I’ve wanted to in  / for    a long time. B   Well, great! Let’s go!   C _______ /6 points (1 point each) Final test – A2   1 2 8 7 5 6 3 10 9 12 11 4 1 6 5 4 3 2    D. Cross out the word that cannot be used to complete each sentence. 1. The man was ________ injured in a car accident. badly completely severely seriously 2. The mountain was hit by a(n) ________ hailstorm. aftershock freak heavy severe 3. The village was ________ by an earthquake. damaged destroyed injured struck D _______ /3 points (1 point each) E.  Read the article. Then circle the four true statements. a . The Zagat Survey started as a business. b . Tim and Nina Zagat started the survey because they loved writing reviews. c . The first Zagat guide only reviewed restaurants in New York City. d . The Zagat Survey now covers places worldwide. e . Zagat doesn’t review restaurants anymore. f  . If you go to a place which is listed in Zagat, you can write a review. g . Some places in the survey have thousands of reviews. h . Zagat ratings are very good because they are based on the opinions of experts. E _______ /8 points (2 points each) F.  Circle the correct words to complete the conversations. Conversation 1  A :  Do you know where Jim is? B :  He’s running late. He just texted me and said his daughter is sick. She must  /  may  / can’t be home from school today.  A :  Oh, that’s too bad. She can’t  / must not  /  might have the flu. It’s going around I heard. B :  Oh, really? And I wonder where Sally is. She could  /  may  / might not  remember we have a meeting this morning. She always forgets to put them on her calendar.  A :   True. Or she could  / can’t  / may not  just be late, too. Why don’t you call her? Just in case. 1 2 3 4    Conversation 2  A :  Did you know it’s Tonya’s birthday today? B :  No. Really? How old is she?  A :  She could  /  must / can’t  be 22. We celebrated her 21st last year. B :  Are you sure? I think she might not  / can’t  / might  be 23. Her sister is a year older, and I think she’s 24.  A :  Well, anyway, we should take her to lunch. She said she’s free, so she can’t  /  might  / must have plans. B :  Well, that new French place can’t  / must not  / might be good. I’ve heard great things about it. Let’s go there.   F _______ /8 points (1 point each) G. Read each sentence. Complete the two possible responses using appropriate adjectives from the box. Use each adjective only once. There is one extra adjective. 1 . I have this big interview tomorrow. If I don’t get the job, I’ll be out of work. You must be _____________. /  That must be a _____________ feeling – to have no job. 2 . My parents won’t let me go to a concert this weekend, and there’s nothing to do at home. You must be really _____________ with them. /  It must be ____________– you know, to stay home and do nothing. 3 . My son is graduating from college tomorrow. It’s not been easy for him, but he’s done well. You must be _____________of him. /  He must be _____________– to finally graduate. 4 . I sometimes work for 12 hours without stopping. I really want a promotion so . . . You must be pretty _____________ . /  That must be _____________. G _______ /8 points (1 point each) H.  Complete the sentences using the simple past passive form of verbs from the box. Use each verb only once. There is one extra verb. 1. The airport ______________ for five hours because of the fog yesterday. 2. Police reported that several homes ______________ over the weekend. 3. Authorities say the recent wildfires ______________ by lightning. 4. Several computers ______________ from the high school. 5. Emergency workers ______________ right away after the accident. 6. A child ______________ from a burning building by firefighters. 7. Traffic ______________ for hours because of the snowstorm. 8. A rare bird ______________ in a local park. 9. A minor earthquake ______________ across the city last night. H _______ /9 points (1 point each) annoyed / excited / motivated / proud / surprising / boring / exhausting / nervous / scary 7 6 8 5 break into - cause - delay - rescue - spill - call - close - feel - see - steal    I.  Read the article. Then read the statements and circle ( a ) True , ( b ) False , or ( c ) Doesn’t say . 1 . Most volunteer organizations want people with special skills. a . True b . False c . Doesn’t say 2 . The Internet has the best information about volunteer jobs. a . True b . False c . Doesn’t say 3 . It’s not a good idea to contact a volunteer organization directly. a . True b . False c . Doesn’t say 4 . If you do some research, you should find the perfect volunteer job. a . True b . False c . Doesn’t say 5 . Volunteers who take on more work than they can handle often quit. a . True b . False c . Doesn’t say I _______ /10 points (2 points each) J.  Write sentences about news events. Put the words in parentheses in the correct order. Use the simple past passive with by + agent. Example:  (destroy / partially / the fire / the restaurant) - The restaurant was partially destroyed by the fire. 1. (the bad weather / delay / temporarily / many flights)  _______________________________________________________ . 2. (the hailstorm / many homes / damage / badly)  _______________________________________________________ . 3. (close / the building / emergency workers / temporarily)  _______________________________________________________ . 4. (the flood / completely / destroy / the bridge)  _______________________________________________________ . 5. (seriously / the earthquake / electric power / disrupt)  _______________________________________________________ .   J _______ /10 points (2 points each)
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