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Final test - ADV2 Name: _____________________________ Group:___________ Teacher:_______________ Date:________ Grade:__________ A. These people are talking about the past. Complete the sentences with the verbs in parentheses. Example: Max If I had listened (listen) to my teacher’s advice, maybe I would have passed (would pass) my Spanish class. 1. Rita If I _______________ (take) some acting lessons, maybe I _______________ (would get) a part in the play. 2. Janice If my parents ________________
    Name:  _____________________________ Group:  ___________   Teacher:_______________ Date:________ Grade:__________  A. These people are talking about the past. Complete the sentences with the verbs in parentheses. Example: Max   If I had listened (listen) to my teacher’s advice, maybe I would have passed (would pass) my Spanish class. 1 . Rita   If I _______________ (take) some acting lessons, maybe I _______________ (would get) a part in the play. 2 . Janice   If my parents ________________ (not encourage) me to become a doctor, I ________________ (would not go) to medical school. 3 . Robert   If I ___________________ (publish) my book, I __________________ (could make) a lot of money. 4 . Doreen I _________________ (might be) discovered if I __________________(go) to Hollywood when I was young. 5 . Sam What __________________ (would happen) if I ___________________ (not start) my own business? 6 . Jack I _________________ (could not win) the talent contest if I __________________ (not practice) every day.    A_______ /12 points (2 points each) B. Complete the conversation with tag questions.  A:   Have you heard? Beyoncé is doing another concert tour. She’s amazing, ______________ ? B:   Yeah, she is. She’s been famous for a long time, ______________ ?  A:   Uh-huh. Let’s see. When did she start her singing career? It wasn’t around the year 2000,______ ? B:   No, I think it was in the late 90s. Anyway, you remember Destiny’s Child ,  ______________ ?    A:   Oh, sure. That was her group, ______________ ? You know, she hasn’t released a new album in a while, ______________ ? B:    Actually, I think she might be working on a new album now. B _______ /6 points (1 point each) C. Complete the chart with the jobs from the box. There is one extra job. C _______ /8 points (1 point each) D. Complete the conversation with expressions to introduce what the people say. Use the words in parentheses. Daniel Hey, you’re teaching a class at the gym, right? How do you like it? Jenna   Oh, it’s fine. _________________ (best) it’s a dance class, and I love to dance. And actually, they’re starting a new. . . Daniel  __________________(reason) I’m looking for a part-time job, so I was wondering if it’s a good place to work.   Jenna Yeah, it’s great. __________________ (what / tell) they’re starting a new class, and they need an instructor. Can you teach yoga? Daniel No, but here’s the thing. ___________________ (heard) they might need someone to work at the front desk. Jenna   Oh, I didn’t realize that. Maybe you’d better call them to find out. D _______ /8 points (2 points each) Final test - ADV2   civil engineer – interpreter – stockbroker - tax adviser – translator – contractor – pediatrician – surgeon – telemarketer Health care   Construction industry   Language specialists   Financial sector   1. _____________ 3. ______________ 5.______________ 7. ______________ 2. _____________ 4. ______________ 6.______________ 8. ______________    E. Read the article. Then read the statements and circle (a) True , (b) False , or (c) Doesn’t say . 1 . All famous people are celebrities. a . True b . False c . Doesn’t say 2 . Today, few people are interested in royalty. a . True b . False c . Doesn’t say 3 . In the past, ordinary people didn’t usually become famous. a . True b . False c . Doesn’t say 4 . The media is largely responsible for the creation of celebrities. a . True b . False c . Doesn’t say 5 . Andy Warhol’s predictions have already come true. a . True b . False c . Doesn’t say E_______ /10 points (2 points each)   F. Rewrite the sentences using the passive forms of the underlined verbs. (1)  Fishing companies are catching fewer wild fish. (2) As a result, they have created a new business called aquaculture. (3) They’re raising shrimp, salmon, and other types of seafood on big fish farms. 1 . _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2 . _______________________________________________________________________________________ 3 . _______________________________________________________________________________________ (4)  Lawmakers have required cities to adopt new regulations for disabled people. (5) They’re forcing developers to change the way they build. 4 . _______________________________________________________________________________________ 5 . _______________________________________________________________________________________   F _______ /15 points (3 points each)    G. Match the two parts of the sentences. Write the letters. Then link the ideas with instead of  , because , because of  , in spite of  , although , so that , and in order to .  There is one extra part. 1. I turn down the air-conditioning ____ a. ____________ increasing air pollution. 2. I’m going to take shorter showers ____ b. ____________ they can be more expensive than 3. Packaging can take years to decompose ____ regular ones. 4. People are still not driving less ____ c. ____________ ones with toxic chemicals. 5. Use environmentally friendly cleaning d. ____________ the lack of rain. products ____ e. ____________ save electricity. 6. We are experiencing a severe drought ____ f. ____________ they can make dangerous gases. 7. Energy-saving appliances will save g. ____________ I can lower my water consumption. you money, ____ h. ____________ most plastics are not biodegradable.   G _______ /14 points (1 point each) H. How should you prepare for a job interview? Choose the best expression on the right to complete each sentence.  A   “ ____________________ is to find out a lot about the organization.  ____________________ is do some research. _________________ is you can use what you learn in the interview.” B   “ _____________________ is a short course in preparing for interviews.  __________________ is that you’ll feel more prepared during the actual interview. ___________________ is go through a practice interview with a friend. That can help a lot, too.” C   “____________________ is not worry about it too much.  __________________ is be careful about your appearance. Like, how you dress. ____________ is so you look like you belong in the job.” H_______ /9 points (1 point each) - What I’m saying - The good thing about that - Well, what I’d do first - The advantage of that - Or, another thing to do - What you need - The main reason to do that - What I would do - However, one thing you can do    I. Read the article. Add the missing sentences. Write the letters in the blanks. There is one extra sentence. a . For example, by hiring the services of companies based in Ireland and India, a U.S. company can take advantage of a 24-hour work cycle. b . Some organizations that provide outsourcing services have world-class reputations and have built up capabilities in many specialized areas. c . Many of these companies lose money and decrease in productivity. d . These services cost less to outsource because the companies that provide them often have far lower labor expenses. e . By outsourcing these day-to-day functions, a company can let its employees concentrate on the jobs they do best. I_______ /8 points (2 points each)
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