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KJF Language Examination Centre MONOLINGUAL EXAM B1 WRITTEN TEST ENGLISH TOURISM Exam papers Maximum score Required minimum Time allowed Dictionary 1. Reading 1 20 points 16 points 2. Reading 2 20 points
KJF Language Examination Centre MONOLINGUAL EXAM B1 WRITTEN TEST ENGLISH TOURISM Exam papers Maximum score Required minimum Time allowed Dictionary 1. Reading 1 20 points 16 points 2. Reading 2 20 points 40 minutes not allowed 3. Writing 1 15 points 4. Writing 2 15 points 12 points 40 minutes allowed Total score 70 points minutes -- Kodolányi János Főiskola Székesfehérvár 1 1. Reading 1 Read the 12 short texts, items A-L. Then read the sentences Decide which sentence 1-10 goes best with which short text. Each sentence can only be used once. There are two extra short texts that you will not need. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1. Hotel Reviews A The hotel was excellent, I know that it has been criticised for the rooms, but modernisation of the rooms would ruin some of the character of the hotel. Perhaps the bathroom would benefit from a redecoration. B I am not dissatisfied, but on the first day my room smelled of cigarettes, which was a bit annoying. It was a hotel with magnificent architecture. Especially the baths were wonderful, I went there on the second morning, and it was a pleasure to get free entry to them. C The service and care were excellent. Just like you get in the Far East and sadly long forgotten in the UK and Europe. The staff were extremely helpful, I was impressed. I got a lot of things I didn t ask for, in short, they really made me feel comfortable. D It was a bonus that I could enter the spa every day. It was easy to get there directly; I could walk in my bathrobe. The weather was bad during my stay, but I spent the time treating my body. The room was too small, which I think is not good for a 4-star hotel. And the bed was terrible; it was too hard to sleep well. E With better management (how to get to the spa) and breakfast (coffee horrible, cooked dishes were cold, almost never a place to sit), plus the modernisation of bathrooms and some outside renovation, it could be one of the most beautiful hotels in Europe. F Easy walk across bridge to shopping and dining, excellent breakfast buffet, professional lobby and desk staff, English spoken. I appreciated the early check-in after a long flight. Direct connection to thermal baths was a big plus after walking all day in November weather. G The use of the spa and the fabulous, attentive and helpful staff made our visit memorable. Our prompt removal to a quiet room when we complained about noise at 1am proved that the hotel employs professionals. 2 H We fully enjoyed the spa facilities, the Saturday evening Hungarian cultural event in the restaurant and the friendliness of the staff. Nevertheless, the quality of the meal in the restaurant on Saturday night was not up to a high standard as the cabbage rolls were not freshly made. I Excellent view of the Danube from the hotel room that adds to the relaxing atmosphere of the whole place. But small things spoil the experience. Things that need to be repaired: shower hose, tap, sofa and door of the wardrobe. J Even though it was the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend, I believe our room was ridiculously overpriced! The view (if you could call it that) was of the roof of the indoor pools - for the price we paid it was very disappointing! K Nice, good located city hotel, unfortunately with unfriendly service. The breakfast buffet is very bland, but everything necessary is there. Rather 3 stars than 4. Extras such as cappuccino or fresh juice must be paid for. L Nice and clean hotel very close to the old town. I noticed only one small technical problem: the free wireless internet was usable only in the morning and late at night. Also the hotel is remarkably well organized, the staff (really everyone) are polite, they all speak very good English. 1. It was difficult for this person to find the spa. 2. This person could not use the internet in the afternoon. 3. This person couldn t have a pleasant rest in his room because of the uncomfortable furniture. 4. This person disliked some faulty things in the bathroom. 5. This person had both a positive and a negative experience on the same day. 6. This person had to pay for his/her drinks at the morning meal. 7. This person liked that he/she could use his/her room as soon as he/she arrived. 8. This person thinks that if the rooms looked more modern, the hotel wouldn t be so special. 9. This person thinks the hotel charged too much for what it offered. 10. This person was fully satisfied with how the staff solved his/her problem. 3 2. Reading 2 Read the text below. Then read the statements that follow the text and decide if the statements are TRUE or FALSE according to what the text says. Mark your answers with an X on ANSWER SHEET 1. The Whisky Heritage Centre in Edinburgh Welcome to the official website of The Whisky Heritage Centre in Edinburgh. First and foremost something we are very proud of: the Centre has become the second tourist attraction in Edinburgh to win a five-star rating. It was given by the Scottish Tourist Board, ranking the Centre as one of the best tourist attractions in the capital of Scotland. Other attractions like former Royal Yacht Britannia, Edinburgh Zoo and Dynamic Earth have not received a five-star rating yet. Last week, happy management at the Centre were celebrating by giving 43 members of staff a free bottle of their own whisky brand called Old Distillery Close. Managing director Alistair McIntosh said, I m absolutely happy. Things like this just don t happen every day. We are very proud because we are the only other attraction in Edinburgh with this rating apart from the castle. The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre has worked very hard for this prize in the past few years. The Center has recently undergone renovation that cost more than 1 million, and management plans to continue improvements. When you are in the Centre, do not miss the famous Scotch Whisky Tour. It provides entertainment, fun, and a tour which will take you through the long history of Scotch whisky. The tour includes meeting a ghost, too! Those of you over 18 can taste our unique drink (soft drinks for under-18s). The tour first explains how a distillery 1 works, how Scotch whisky is made; then you can learn about its history, which dates back to the 15 th century (and probably long before), the characters (like Robert Burns and King George IV) who helped the development of whisky in Scotland. It will also explain why the tastes are different from one region to another. There are sounds and wonderful smells everywhere throughout the tour. Opening times: We are open 7 days a week all year round except for Christmas Day. Summer opening times: every day (May to September) 9.30am to 6.30pm. Last tour 5.30pm. Winter opening times: 7 days a week (October to April) 10.00am to 5.00pm. Last tour 4.00pm. Entrance charges: Adults 18+ : Senior citizens/ Disabled : Children under 17 Group rates 7.50 per person 5.50 per person 3.95 per person groups of 2-10: 10% discount groups of 11-40: 15% discount 1 a factory where strong alcoholic drinks are produced 4 Prices include a little bit of whisky, a tour certificate and a discount voucher for the whisky shop. We can provide facilities for groups of any size. If you are an organizer, please contact us on at least 10 days in advance. Guided tours available in 8 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese. We have full wheelchair access throughout the Centre. An elevator takes guests to each level. The building is spacious with plenty of room in all tour areas, shop, bar & bistro for wheelchairs. 1. The Scottish Tourist Board believes that The Whisky Heritage Centre is a great tourist attraction. 2. The Scotch Whisky Tour is for adults only. 3. The management of The Whisky Heritage Centre gave some extra money to the staff of the Center last week. 4. The management of the Centre does not plan to make any changes to the Centre in the near future. 5. On the Scotch Whisky Tour you can get some information about the history of the Centre. 6. The Whisky Heritage Centre is open 364 days a year. 7. In summer you can buy tickets for the last tour in the Centre as late as 6.00 pm. 8. Every visitor has to pay for admission to the Centre. 9. Organizers of groups need to phone the Centre a week before the planned visit. 10. The Whisky Heritage Centre is a multi-storey building. 5 ANSWER SHEET 1 1. Reading 1 (Hotel Reviews) Reading 2 (The Whisky Heritage Centre in Edinburgh) True False For the Assessors only! 1. Reading 1: Maximum score: 20 points 2. Reading 2: Maximum score: 20 points Achieved score: Achieved score: x 2 x 2 Required minimum: 16 points Total score: First Assessor (code and signature) Second Assessor (code and signature) 6 3. Writing 1 Memo You are Lívia/László Kiss, a trainee in a restaurant in England. Write a memo to the chef, Mr John Miller, using the information in the attached chart. name of the person Ms Daisy Smith, personal assistant to Mr R. Hill, CEO of LMO who called: date of call: 10 am, 10 February 2017 reason for calling: other information: request for calling back: reserved a table for a group of eight for tomorrow night (7 pm), business dinner want traditional English dishes, couple of vegetarians no You may use a dictionary. Write your memo on Answer Sheet Writing 2 - You are Márta/Miklós Varga, a trainee at a conference management company in Britain that organizes the European Cardiology Conference this year. Inform the delegates that the programme of the second day of the Conference has changed: presentations in the afternoon, not in the morning sightseeing in the morning then lunch in a famous London restaurant for those wanting it needs feedback about lunch Complete the on Answer Sheet 2 so that it is coherent and understandable. You may use a dictionary. AZ ÍRÁSFELADATOKHOZ MINTAMEGOLDÁST TALÁL A OLDALON! 7 ANSWER SHEET 2 3. Writing 1 - Memo MEMO To: From: Date: 1) 2) 3) 4) 8 4. Writing 2 - Dear Madam/Sir We would like to inform you that the programme of the second day of the European Cardiology Conference has been modified. Instead of. That is why. Lunch. Please inform us if? Thank you in advance. I look forward to your reply. Kind regards Márta/ Miklós Varga Assistant Meeting Maker Ltd. For the Assessors only! 3. Memo Maximum score: 15 points 4. Maximum score: 15 points Achieved score: Achieved score: Required minimum: 12 points First Assessor (code and signature) Second Assessor (code and signature) 9 KEY READING TASKS: 1. Reading 1 (Hotel Reviews) E L D I H K F A J G 2. Reading 2 (The Whisky Heritage Centre in Edinburgh) True False 1. X 2. X 3. X 4. X 5. X 6. X 7. X 8. X 9. X 10. X 10 MINTAMEGOLDÁSOK AZ ÍRÁSFELADATOKHOZ: 3. Writing 1 - Memo MEMO To: Mr John Miller From: Lívia/László Kiss Date: 10 February ) Ms Daisy Smith (PA to Mr R Hill, CEO of LMO) telephoned at 10 am. 2) Ms Smith has reserved a table for a group for eight businesspeople tomorrow evening to have business dinner at 7 pm. 3) The guests would like to taste traditional English dishes, but some of them are vegetarian. 4) No need to return the call. 11 4. Writing 2 - Dear Madam/Sir We would like to inform you that the programme of the second day of the European Cardiology Conference has been modified. Instead of the morning, the presentations will be delivered in the afternoon, starting at 2 pm. That is why the sightseeing programme will start at 9 am. Lunch can be had in The Prince and the Horse restaurant at 1 pm on request. Please inform us if you would like to have lunch in The Prince and the Horse. Thank you in advance. I look forward to your reply. Kind regards Márta/ Miklós Varga Assistant Meeting Maker Ltd. 12
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