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Apex Luxury Car Hire Plaza Casares, 6 Marbella, Málaga 29602 +34 951 20 35 97 Apex Luxury Car Hire is ? premier exotic car rental company, one of the best in Europe providing Delivery and Collection to any location via 26 Offices across Europe and also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can rent a super car in Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, France, UK and other countries. Luxury Car Rental offers the perfect combination of luxury, quality service and value, that's why if you want to rent a luxury car in Europe, this is the right company. By renting luxury cars with us, you get the best of the best whether arranging your next European event or just want to have fun for a weekend, our professional agents are here to help. Whatever your dreams and desires are, we can implement them through a variety of sport and luxury vehicles from the most exclusive brands in the world, with us you can hire Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati, BMW, hire Audi, Land Rover and more.
  • 1. Make an Unforgettable Impression with Luxury Car Rental in Milan Milan is the city of glamour and fashion. This city is one of the recognized fashion capitals. If you need to drive around this city in style, you will need the assistance of a luxury car rental service in Milan. The elegance of luxurious cars comes at expensive rates. The reputed car-rentals of Milan will let you avail any posh automobile at justified rates. You may use your swanky automobile not only for personal use, but also for professional purposes. Classy Impressions The vehicles you will hire through a luxury car rental service in Milan will let you enjoy ultimate comfort. You may share this comfort with your important clients. You may frequently need to receive important clients on behalf of your company. If you use a business-class automobile to transport, it will not only brighten the image of the organization. It will also speak highly of your efforts. The appreciations of the satisfied clients may become the ladder to your success. You will also need the assistance of a luxurious car rental service if you are a businessperson. Nothing will impress your clients more than the tour of this fashionable city in posh cars. The impressed clientele will undoubtedly bring more profit to your business. Unstoppable Business You may frequently need to travel for commercial purposes and may find your itinerary to interfere with your business schedules. You will find a feasible solution through any luxury car rental service in Milan. You may rent a spacious limousine to hold important business meetings. These stretched sedans are available in various sizes. You may select one as per your necessities. Special Events You may need to attend numerous posh events in this fashion capital of Italy. If you arrive at these events in an economic car, you will look like an outcast. You will need the company of a luxurious automobile. Your posh carriage will turn into your fashionable accessory. You may avail such ritzy automobiles from a reliable luxury car rental service in Milan. College Fests The luxury cars are not only available for executives or businesspersons. The luxury car-rental services sometimes offer discounted deals. If you are a college student with limited budget, you will love these gainful offers. These deals will let you avail posh automobiles at bargained prices. Your fashionable ride will immediately turn your peers into your admirers.
  • 2. Light Speed If you like adrenaline rush, you will like the lightening speed of sports-cars. These cars will let you race with the wind. You may have dreamt of these rides. The expensiveness of these cars may have kept you from fulfilling your racy dreams. The luxury car rental service in Milan will let you avail these cars at reasonable rents. You will finally be able to live your dream.
  • 3. Car Rental Trends Followed By Luxury Car Rental Service in Nice There are some specific car rental trends that have come up recently and are followed by several companies offering Luxury Car Rental service in Nice. There has been a steady growth in the consumer market of car rental and such innovative trends are the reasons for fostering an increase in the volume of car rental business. The affecting factors which have resulted in such increase are the better and improved road conditions that people are taking full advantage of it. The increase in the travel budget of individuals along with the allure of recreational activity and leisure with daily work has also led to an increase in such car rental. Satisfies The Desires People who want to travel in style but economically as well can have their desires fulfilled and satisfied with car a rental company which is another reason for the popularity of car rental service. The Luxury Car Rental service in Nice boasts that they focus their commitment and service with high level of care for their esteemed customers. Just like any other car rental agency would offer complimentary transport and other associated facilities to and fro, the competitive market has seen changes and modifications in service as well. The pickup and drop off points are varied and made more convenience for the customers. Other Services Included There are some other additional benefits and services provided by Luxury Car Rental service in Nice in addition the basic ones to attract and satisfy customers even more. Now you can have extra services like private drivers, well maintained and visually pleasing cars and much more in keeping with the ever changing taste and requirement of the customers along with the time. The upholstery inside the luxury cars are of genuine leather, natural wood veneers, superb AV system, Central locking, safe reverse features and much more to provide the customers with the ultimate in luxury, comfort and safe travelling. Wide Range Of Choice People are offered with a wide variety of choice for luxury cars which they could only dream of owning one. You can hire a Ferrari, Porsche or an Aston Martin from the Luxury Car Rental service in Nice and all these at an affordable price. The knowledgeable and friendly staff is always more than happy to meet all your needs, to give you the best and within a short timekeeping the paperwork to the minimum. Driving a luxury car is a more feasible, convenient and economical way of traveling in style as you do not have to worry of any other incidental expenses apart frompaying just the rent of the car you hire. Do Some Research To enjoy traveling, it best and at economical and affordable rate, you simply have to do some homework to find the best car rental company by reading their reviews and ratings or by asking your friends and colleagues for references. There are a plethora of such agencies but be advised that all do not work with equal commitment and service type. Make sure that you ask questions, do the proper inspections and confirm about their insurance and accident policy before signing the contract.
  • 4. Rental Inspections And Risks With Luxury Car Rental Company in Miami Renting a car may be the choicest of options but it comes with some risks as well which when considered carefully can be easily avoided. If you do not want to be over charged by the Luxury Car Rental service in Miami and pay for the damages that you did not incur make sure that you inspect the car that you intend to take on rent. Check for any scratches and dents on its body or for any broken features, both inside and outside the vehicle. You should come across an inspection form on the dashboard, or ask for one if it is not there, and fill it up after careful inspection of the car. Items To Check There are some specific and common items that require to be checked by you when you want to take a car on hire from Luxury Car Rental service in Miami. Look for any cosmetic damages, the functioning of the brakes, turn lights and headlights, electric windows and wipers, audio and heating system for their functionality. You should also not overlook the tires and the pressure in it, the level of oil, water and gas and certainly ask for the owners’ manual from the company. Fill the inspection form properly and hand it over to the attendant and make sure that the defects have been properly recorded in the contract form before leaving the premise. Note When You Return There may be a few things which you may notice after you have left the premise of the Luxury Car Rental service in Miami. In such a case, notify them at the first opportunity that you get so that you are not blamed and charged for the damage which you are not responsible for.It may be so that the company may not be able to provide you with the car which you had wanted on a specific day and you had to do with a car which was closest to the make you wanted. Speak to the manager when you return the car, tell him about your dissatisfaction, ask for compensation for the trouble and non-compliance which you may easily get as companies would not want to lose you as a potential regular customer. Some Accident Tips In case of any unexpected accident, small or big, there are few tips and steps to follow to save you from future troubles. Gather all the relevant information about the other party like the name, proper and full address, phone number, details of the insurance provider along with the license number of the driver. It is even better to get names of some witnesses with phone number. Write the proper description of the car in question including license number, color, make and model and jurisdiction and hand a copy to the Luxury Car Rental service in Miami for further perusal. Additional Tips To Follow Get the copy of the report of the police investigation, exact time and location, and inform your insurance agent about the accident. Try to follow the accident procedure of the rental company and make the claim if you purchased any insurance from them. If you continue using the same car get extra time to return the car and also complete the necessary paperwork.
  • 5. Drive to Your Wedding Elegantly in Luxury Car Rental in London If you dream about a fairytale wedding, you may ask for the assistance of a luxury car rental in London. You may need to attend a host of ceremonies before your wedding. The glamorized appearance of a luxurious automobile will turn you into the cynosure of any event. Bachelorette Party The bachelorette party is about celebrating the last day of your single life. It welcomes the advent of a new journey in your life. You may ask your best friend to use the service of a luxury car rental in London for this event. A posh automobile will not only add exclusivity to your appearance. You will also avail the assistance of an expert chauffeur with this service. The celebration of bachelorette party often includes activities of carefree and limitless fun. These activities may render you and your friends incapable of safe driving. An experienced chauffeur will ensure the safe return of you and your friends after the break of the party. Special Decoration You will be needed to look after a variety of tasks on your wedding day. A luxury car rental in London will save you from performing one important task. You and your family members will be saved from decorating your wedding car. The executives of any car rental will decorate the automobile as per your selected design. This task requires artistic expertise. Every car-rental has special designers to perform this task. Your wedding car will look as beautiful as the Chariot of Cinderella under the guidance of these experts. Spacious Limousines The limousines are preferred rented automobiles for wedding. You will avail this classic beauty through any reputed luxury car rental in London. These cars are available in different sizes. You may select from the four-door, six-door or eight-door limousines depending upon your necessities. The capacious interior of these cars will let you travel comfortably with your companions. These luxurious cars will also save your precious trousseau from creasing. The spacious interior of these automobiles are also perfect for the transportation of guests. One car will transport several guests on a single drive. The driver will be saved from making numerous rounds. You will be saved from bearing additional expenses due to decreased trips. Grooms Luxury
  • 6. The wedding ceremony is not only special to the brides. It is also a special occasion to the grooms. If you are the groom, a luxury car rental in London will let you arrive in style. You may choose the self-drive cars and use your posh ride to run away with your bride after the ceremony. Surprise Gifts Many luxury car rental services in London will present attractive offers to you in the form of gift vouchers. These gainful offers may include discounted rates, complimentary rides or additional services. Some rental services will even let you design your gift as per your necessities.
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