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KJF Language Examination Centre MONOLINGUAL EXAM B2 WRITTEN TEST ENGLISH TOURISM Exam papers Maximum score Required minimum 1. Use of English 12 points none 2. Reading 1 12 points 3. Reading 2 12 points
KJF Language Examination Centre MONOLINGUAL EXAM B2 WRITTEN TEST ENGLISH TOURISM Exam papers Maximum score Required minimum 1. Use of English 12 points none 2. Reading 1 12 points 3. Reading 2 12 points 4. Writing 1 20 points 5. Writing 2 20 points 10 points Time allowed Dictionary 75 minutes not allowed 16 points 90 minutes allowed Total score 76 points minutes -- Kodolányi János Főiskola Székesfehérvár 1 1. Use of English Read the text below. Some words are missing from the text. Choose the correct answer from the options (A, B, C or D) for each gap in the text. An example (0) has been given for you. Mark your answers with an X on Answer sheet 1. Jet Lag You can get jet lag when you travel (0) multiple time zones, and especially when you are flying east. Symptoms can (1) loss of appetite, insomnia, stomach problems; and you can feel tired, irritable and highly sensitive to light and sound. After several days and some rest at your destination, you get better. It can take your body 24 hours to adapt for (2) time zone you travel across. Here are some suggestions for minimizing the effects of jet lag: Get enough rest before your flight. The more relaxed you are, (3) it will be to adapt to time zone differences. You shouldn t drink too much alcohol. There s no reason why (4) have a cocktail or two, but remember that larger amounts of alcohol can make you nervous, and make it difficult to fall asleep. Don t drink too much coffee, (5). Too much caffeine can cause nervousness and insomnia. However, if you drink many cups of coffee a day, missing your caffeine fix during your flight (6) not be a good idea. You might feel even worse (e.g. you might have a bad headache)! You had better (7) as much water and fruit juice as possible. They are the best to drink (8) alcoholic drinks and coffee. Avoid sleeping during the flight (9) it is nighttime at your destination. After your plane takes off, adjust your watch. Try to sleep and eat (10) the local time of your destination. Try to organize outdoor activities for the first few days after you (11). Spending time in the daylight can help you adapt faster. Enjoying your vacation is more important than fighting jet lag. Don t waste your time following complex jet lag diets and cures that have not been shown to do any good. Try (12) worry too much about jet lag. (13) yourself enjoy your stay. Less than one-half of travelers have serious jet lag symptoms. If you are traveling on important business, you probably have more need than others to minimize the symptoms of jet lag. Consider the following strategies: (14) a sleeperette (an airline seat you can lie in) to improve the chances of sleeping during the flight, if possible. Spend one or two extra days after arrival having a rest and relaxing before business activities, or break up a long (15) (more than 6 time zones) along the way for a day or two. 2 0. A. in B. over C. on D. for 1. A. share B. divide C. consist D. include 2. A. all of B. each of C. all D. each 3. A. the easier B. the easiest C. the more easy D. the more easier 4. A. you not B. to not C. couldn t you D. you couldn t 5. A. neither B. either C. as well D. too 6. A. may B. must C. should D. shall 7. A. drink B. to drink C. drinking D. you drank 8. A. without B. despite C. instead of D. in spite of 9. A. as soon B. since C. however D. unless 10. A. in order to B. according to C. due to D. thanks to 11. A. arrive B. will arrive C. are arriving D. will be arriving 12. A. not to B. to not C. you don t D. don t you 13. A. Get B. Let C. Have D. Allow 14. A. reserve B. provide C. complain D. advise 15. A. excursion B. cruise C. journey D. voyage 2. Reading 1 Read the text below. After the text you will find six questions or unfinished statements about the text, each with three suggested answers or ways of finishing. You must choose the one which you think fits best according to the text. Mark your answers with an X on Answer sheet 1. The Development of the Fast Food Business A number of cooks and restaurants state that they invented the modern hamburger. One of the earliest events at which a patty in a bun was sold was the 1904 World Fair. It wasn t until the 1920s, however, that hamburgers became important as a new marketing concept for American restaurants. Although the hamburger wasn t called fast food then, the first business that can be called a fast food restaurant was White Castle, which opened in It sold hamburgers for five cents each. These burgers were cooked with onions (so were not similar in flavour to the hamburgers of the 21st century) and were smaller, so most customers ate more than one at a meal. In fact, the first fast food slogan, created by White Castle, was Buy them by the sack. With their new business booming, soon the owners of White Castle opened more restaurants in other parts of the country. 3 Other companies copied (though illegally) White Castle, and they too offered the simple but popular combination of hamburgers, French fries and cola. Some of these new competitors even introduced variations on the hamburger theme. A slice of cheese melted on top of the meat made the sandwich a cheeseburger. However, the products of the competitors due to poor quality meat, vegetables and bakery products have not seen great success either in the fast food business or throughout the world. Perhaps the most unusual innovation in those early years of fast food was how the food was served at some of the new restaurants. A server, or carhop brought the food outside to the customers so they could eat without leaving their automobile. This type of drive-in service was started in the 1920s by the A&W company, but the idea was soon picked up by hamburger restaurants, and the fast food industry became closely associated with the automobile. After World War II the number of restaurants specializing in fast food grew quickly, and each needed a special feature to survive in the competitive marketplace. At Sonic the carhops wore roller skates. They still do today at some of the restaurants the company operates in 28 states. Dairy Queen began serving a unique soft ice cream in the 1950s. As the number of their restaurants grew nationally, the company added more desserts and even hot dishes. In 1951 the Taco Bell restaurant was established in California, specializing in American versions of Mexican food. By the mid-1950s the fast food industry in the USA had grown to include hot dogs, pizza, seafood, salads and, more importantly, a very large and loyal clientele. Although White Castle was rapidly overtaken by new competitors in the fast food business, it is important for two reasons. First, it still exists, which makes it the oldest in the industry. Second, its founders were clever business pioneers who established decades ago the standard practices of today s global fast food restaurant chains. 1. What do we learn about the first hamburgers? a. They became a marketing concept in b. They were different in taste from today's hamburgers. c. A sack of them cost only 5 cents. 2. The owners of White Castle a. were not very successful in the 1920s. b. were the first to invent a fast food slogan. c. sold variations of hamburgers to other companies. 3. According to the article, competitors a. tried to follow the same business idea as White Castle. b. used excellent ingredients for their hamburgers. c. of White Castle had much success in the fast food business. 4. A very uncommon thing in the early years was a. that hamburger restaurants invented drive-ins. b. the way hamburgers were served. c. that A&W picked up ideas from hamburger restaurants. 4 5. According to the text, the key to the survival for all fast food company was to a. offer something special. b. serve a wide variety of desserts. c. have a drive-in section. 6. White Castle a. has already been closed down. b. is still better than the new competitors. c. created practices that are still used today. 3. Reading 2 Read the text from which six sentences have been removed. Your task is to put the sentences back into the text. Mark your answers by writing the appropriate letter (A-H) on Answer sheet 1. There are two extra sentences that you will not need. The New Seven Wonders of the World When in July the announcement of the new Seven Wonders of the World was made, it was criticised by supporters of eco-tourism right away. A campaign to name the new Seven Wonders of the World, launched in 1999, reached its final stage in July. (1). These were narrowed down to 21 by early last year and finally, in the largest ever poll of its kind, 100 million people voted across the world for the final seven. Voting was done through the Internet. The original idea belongs to Swiss businessman Bernard Weber, and things have been run by a private foundation. (2). It also aims to fund projects dealing with conservation of monuments and future awards. In a ceremony in Lisbon, the seven winners were announced: Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio got the necessary votes to win after an appeal by Brazil's president for his fellow countrymen to vote; the Great Wall of China, which is said to be the only monument that can be seen from space (its certificate was handed over to Chinese officials by Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon); India s Taj Mahal; the Colosseum in Rome; the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru; the Chichén Itzá pyramid in Mexico, and finally, the ruins of the pink city of Petra, the stone-carved ancient city in Jordan, whose royal family led a campaign for it. The Pyramids at Giza, the only wonder on the original list still standing, had been made an honorary candidate, with no need to go through the official process. (3). Of course, not everyone agreed with the result. (4). The scheme has also attracted much criticism. The cost of running the campaign was well over 6 million. The foundation may only just break even, so it will have very little to invest in restoring monuments. (5). The Inca ruins are already damaged by tourism, and similar concerns have been expressed about the Great Wall of China. 5 UNESCO, which lists World Heritage sites, and is willing to give time and money to conservation, has severely criticised the contest, as a profit-making event which does nothing to protect and preserve the attractions. What next? A new poll has been announced. (6). The global poll will start in around three years time. The government of Vietnam would like to nominate the tourist area of Ha Long Bay and sees this competition as vital to intensifying tourism in the country. However, supporters of eco-tourism completely disagree with this viewpoint. A. All the sites were examined by experts and had to meet some strict requirements. B. But Egyptian officials ignored and rejected the whole initiative as too commercial. C. Originally, there were nearly 200 candidates. D. The Greeks for instance were disappointed that the Acropolis was not a winner. E. The new wonders are similar to the old ones. F. The project intends to raise money through sponsorship and marketing schemes. G. There are fears that the seven winners will now see a huge rise in tourist numbers. H. Thousands of proposals for the Seven Natural Wonders have already been sent in. 6 1. Use of English (Jet Lag) ANSWER SHEET 1 A B C D A B C D 0 X Reading 1 (The Development of the Fast Food Business) A B C 3. Reading 2 (The New Seven Wonders of the World) For the Assessors only! 1. Use of English : Maximum score: 15-3 = 12 points Achieved score: - 3 = 2. Reading 1: Maximum score: 6x2 = 12 points Achieved score: x 2 = 3. Reading 2: Maximum score: 6x2 = 12 points Achieved score: x 2 = Total score: Required minimum: none Required minimum: 10 points First Assessor (code and signature) Second Assessor (code and signature) 7 4. Writing 1 - Report You are Barna Csilla/Csanád, a trainee in an English travel agency. The head of your department, Ms Janet Wilkins, has requested you to write a report of words on whether the agency should organize a themed tour to Hungary for English tourists who are interested in Hungarian gastronomy. Include the following content points in your report: a brief introduction to the special features of Hungarian cuisine famous and/or unique traditional restaurants in Hungary what programmes can accompany visits to restaurants whether there is demand in England for this kind of themed tour Please make sure the text is structured and the layout of the report is proper. Except for the use of the specified names, please use invented data. Please write legibly. You may use a dictionary. Write your on Answer sheet Writing 2 - You are Kovács Barbara/Barna, the proprietor of Hotel Arany Pillangó located at Lake Balaton. A British family (Peter and Jane Smith and their two children), who are return guests, wish to spend a week in your hotel in October. Write an of words to the Smiths in which you express how glad you are that the Smiths will spend some time in Arany Pillangó again inform the guests about the available dates recommend the new services and activities offered by your hotel inform Mr and Mrs Smith about the new discounts available for return guests Please make sure the text is structured and the layout of the is proper. Except for the use of the specified names, please use invented data. Please write legibly. You may use a dictionary. Write your on Answer sheet 2. AZ ÍRÁSKÉSZSÉG FELADATOKHOZ MINTAMEGOLDÁSOKAT TALÁL A OLDALON AZ ÍRÁSKÉSZSÉG MINTAMEGOLDÁSOK EGYNYELVŰ FELIRAT ALATT. 8 4. Writing 1 Report ANSWER SHEET 2 9 10 5. Writing 2 - To: Subject: reply to enquiry Attachments: none For the Assessors only! 4. Report Maximum score: 20 points 5. Maximum score: 20 points First Assessor (code and signature) Achieved score: Achieved score: Required minimum: 16 points Second Assessor (code and signature) 11 KEY: 1. Use of English (Jet Lag) A B C D A B C D 0 X 8 X 1 X 9 X 2 X 10 X 3 X 11 X 4 X 12 X 5 X 13 X 6 X 14 X 7 X 15 X 2. Reading 1 (The Development of the Fast Food Business) A B C 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 X 5 X 6 X 3. Reading 2 (The New Seven Wonders of the World) C F B D G H 12
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